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While I am waiting for the proof pdf of Shaping Destiny (and trying really hard not to bite all my nails down to the quick) I am reasearching epublishing, the indie author market, and marketing strategies for authors.   I’m also trying to figure out price points, contact letters and press releases.  In short, I’m trying to learn everything I can about an entire industry in the few short months since I’ve made the decision to self-publish.  While I’ve found a lot of useful information, I’m also fairly frustrated by how dated much of the information is and how fast the industry is changing. 

Last week, I was pretty sure I would price my e-book at .99 cents.  This week, that seems like a terrible idea.  I’ve recently discovered a site that seems to be up to date and totally in support of indie authors.  I appreciate their candor and the information they are providing.  I encourage you to check them out by clicking the button below or clicking here