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Somedays, I feel like the owl in the old tootsie roll pop commercial. How many licks till you get to the center? 1… 2… crunch! If only it were that easy. Yesterday, I re-read the manuscript for what felt like the 207,000th time. I got the full interior design back from CreateSpace and was surprised by A) how easy their correction form was to use and B) how many things can get totally messed up in the formatting process!

One of the things I hadn’t expected to see was how paragraphs got combined.  I can’t imagine how that happens without manual manipulation.  Never-the-less, the combined paragraphs ended up being the majority of my corrections.  I’m looking forward to getting the final (hopefully) revision at the end of next week.  If I’m lucky, I’ll only have to read the whole thing 2 more times.

I think the hardest part about the editing and self-publishing process is that by the time it is this far along, I am so desensitized it is hard to even like the book anymore.  Self-doubt crops up in the the most unexpected places and some days I am so overwhelmed that I don’t want to continue.   Then I get the next update on the manuscript progress, or make a good connection with someone who might be able to help me market to a bigger audience, and I’m energized again.

I think this, like every other business, is about being willing to do whatever it takes to make it go and that includes reading, re-reading and reading again as many times as you can so that the book is as good as it can get.  Then, if you are dilligent, lucky, and determined, you might be able to get a good review or two and really start to get the book into the world.

Here is a link to a good article on how to get reviews if you are an indie author.  Joel Friedlander gives some very clear, step-by-step instructions and makes it seem almost easy to make this happen. I went through the whole article, clicked on every link and was able to narrow down bloggers who might review my book to a manageable number.  I don’t think its going to be easy at all, but at least I have a starting point and that is better than waiting and hoping.