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It is snowing, the sky gray and white outside my windows.  The wind howls, there is a large fire in the stove, and I am waiting.   The last draft has been submitted and the book is done. 

We will launch Shaping Destiny on March 16th at 6 pm at Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe.  The book trailer is almost finished, and for the first time in this whole process, everything is out of my hands.  This is both exciting and daunting.  The thing I like best, and least, about being an indie author and self-publishing, is that I can touch everything, be a part of the process instead of a witness to it.  Now, I have to get ready to let it go, be what it will, and focus on putting it in the hands of the people who might appreciate it.  Marketing, in some ways, has an evil connotation.  I would rather, at this moment, think of it as a birth announcement. 

My mood mimics the storm.  The gentleness of falling snow sharply contrasts the violence of the wind, and then, spent, both stop for a time and there is a heavy calm, a promise of more to come, a new beginning.