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I am currently re-reading The View from the Studio Door, by Ted Orland.  I find myself referencing this book all the time in conversations with artists and community members.  The book sums up so many of the ideas and thoughts I have had over the last several years about the relevance of artistic communities, the importance of making art, and the value of art as an intrinsic componet of a healthy community.

Here’s what Ted has said about his book:

“In The View From The Studio Door I’ve tried to confront many broader issues that stand to either side of that artistic moment of truth. Issues like:

  • What are we really doing when we make art?
  • For that matter, what is art, anyway?
  • Is there art after graduation?
  • How do we find our place in the artistic community?

These are questions that count, because when it comes to artmaking, theory & practice are always intertwined. Simply put, this is a book of practical philosophy – written by, and for, working artists.”

At La Tienda, we are working hard to build a community that is rich, vibrant and alive.  We are committed to supporting artists as much as we support the work they producie.  For me, Ted’s book is invaluable.  I think The View from the Studio Door is a must read for anyone trying to survive as a working artist today.  It will not tell you how to make money.  It will not teach you how to make great art.  Instead, this book is like a really good friend — one you turn to over and over for support, comfort, challenge and laughter.

I am so looking forward to getting to know Ted in person next weekend.  There are two events you can attend.  The first is the book launch for Shaping Destiny at Collected Works Bookstore on Friday.  The second is at La Tienda on Saturday night after the opening in The Exhibit Space.  If he is anything like his writing, it is going to be a wonderful experience.  Check out Ted’s books here:  http://www.tedorland.com/books/view.html