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I tend to ramble, talking mostly about land and love, art and sky.  Today, I’m going to set a new goal.  I am going to pick a topic every week that relates to the things about which I am most passionate and I’m going to try to find something, or someone else, who is thinking/writing about the same topic.  I will post every Wednesday. 

To help with this goal, I’m going to list some things that inspire me here:

  • Art (all forms)
  • The creative process
  • Land and Sky
  • Women’s Issues (Yes, I am mad as hell about current legislative attempts to take away our rights)
  • Passionate people living their passion.

If you have thoughts or writings about any of these things, please share them with me and I will try to include them here.  You can email me your blog posts, books, etc. at destinyallison (at) aol (dot) com.