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I am so enjoying the wonderful interviews and look forward to more.  If you want to play, email me your responses to the questions at destinyallison (at) aol (dot) com. 

I love how many things these women have in common, and am truly inspired by the shared experiences and feelings so many of us have. 

Here are a few recent quotes to stimulate your thoughts.  Even if you don’t want to do the full interview, send me your quotes on art, being an artist, and the relationship between art and life.


“Art has a responsibility to unveil the truth, to make the viewer question their feelings and the reality of the world around them” — from Cat Gwynn’s reply to a comment by Kevin Box

“Art is not about duplicating an idea or emotion.  It is about the places where ideas and emotion come together.”  — from my book,  Shaping Destiny

“But to take a photograph of  a person can be intimidating to me and I get a little nervous… wanting to create something honest and beautiful from it…  with integrity” — From Robbie Kaye’s interview.

“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” — Thoreau (taken from Mercè Cardús’ interview).