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Over the last several weeks, I’ve really enjoyed learning about other women who are living their passion.  What I’ve discovered is how much we all have in common, even while our media and approaches are different.  There is a community out there that is rich, engaging, and very real.  I am feeling quite blessed right now to be interacting with so many fabulous people.

This week, instead of posting an interview, I want to share some sites I have discovered that are particularly wonderful.  The women behind them are exciting, dynamic and passionate.  They explore creative process, art, women’s issues and more as they attempt to erradicate sterotypes and promote women.  Enjoy exploring these sites and don’t forget to follow Shaping Destiny by clicking on the text to your right.

1.  Women on the Verge

Women on the Verge was founded by Ana Lewis in 2009.  It is, “the place where stereotypes are broken and we are empowered by it.  Where our success is celebrated and our pain gets a hug.  What you have to say matters.   We hear you and support your voice.”

2.  Square Peg People

Founded by Karen Caterson in 2005, This site is, “A place filled with encouragement, inspiration, resources – and of course stories and humor – to fuel the experience for all of us mindful nonconformists!!”

3.  WomenArts

WomenArts is, “A worldwide community of  artists and allies. We provide free funding information, skill-building, and networking services. We also coordinate SWAN (Support Women Artists Now), an annual international celebration of women artists.”  WomenArts has a great blog and is a fabulous resource.

Beauty and Wisdom

Robbie Kaye (you met her on this site via her interview) has a different approach.  Her blog statement says, “Music can take you on a journey, make you laugh, cry and touch the deepest part of your soul… so can a photograph. I am a photographer, musician and
storyteller and I am attracted to visual narratives that define a place in time
and to unsuspected beauty in unexpected places, hoping to intrigue, inspire, and
evoke a reaction from the viewer. I am a champion of the overlooked, and see my
photography as a way to create change, giving exposure to societal issues that
need to be addressed.