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I am so excited.  Today, I kick off a month long blog tour for Shaping Destiny.  The first stop on the schedule is WOW Women’s blog, The Muffin

Robyn had prepared a wonderful interview, with intelligent and relevant questions, but she also surprised me with a wonderful review.  Given the focus of WOW women (writing) I was especially honored that she listed my book in her top 5 favorites.  This was a great start to a Monday and I am very grateful to WOW for hosting me.  Check out the review and the interview by clicking here

Here’s an excert from the interview:

WOW: I fell in love with the book by the end of the first chapter; Shaping Destiny is up on my “top five” list! The way you tell your story encourages readers to take an objective look at themselves and their lives.

So often people are afraid to move forward—whether it is out of an unfulfilling relationship or into a new career or self-expression. What would you like to say to them?

Destiny: Do one thing that makes you happy. Just one. Then see where it goes. We all get stuck and afraid from time to time and we think that we need to make a huge shift in our lives in order to be happy. I have found that baby steps usually take me where I need to go.

Just recently, I made a small change that has made a huge difference. Over the last year, I have been increasingly unhappy and have been feeling really guilty about it because I have nothing to be unhappy about. I love my husband. I have great kids. My sculptures and book are selling well. Things are great. So why do I feel like crying or raging so often?


In an off the cuff comment to my husband, I realized that I am miserable because my life is really noisy. Kids, dogs, telephones, video games, Television, on top of the noises of work—grinders, compressors, and business meetings—fill pretty much every waking minute. I need quiet. I need alone time. One afternoon, without telling anyone, I took over a guest bedroom, decorated it with things I love, and made a space just for me. I told my family they were not to enter without permission. I promised myself I would meditate every morning for at least fifteen minutes, and I would write a minimum of 500 words a day. Basically, I gave myself permission to take an hour every morning to myself. I reminded myself that I am as important as everyone else in my life. The effect has been profound. I am bubbling. I am writing fiction, of all things, and having a blast. My family is cheering me on because, frankly, I’m a lot more fun to be around when I’m not so cranky. They couldn’t give me what I needed until I was willing to take what I needed.

Maybe you can’t take an hour a day. Maybe you can only take an hour a week. It doesn’t matter. Take what you can and do one thing you want to do. But just do it. Don’t take a class. Don’t even share what you are doing. Don’t let anyone watch you, or try to help you. Let it be your secret, your treasure, your sacred space. Then, journal about what you experience when you take that time. Write about all the thrills, fears, joys and frustrations. Give your journal 5 minutes before you start doing whatever it is you decide to do. You don’t have to make major changes all of a sudden (unless you are in an abusive relationship. Then you have to run). As you find your joy, your life will evolve and the changes you seek happen naturally.