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I love this quote from Robert Downey Jr.  It makes me feel better.  Lately I’ve been wrestling with what to do about my new novel.  Do I self-publish, publish an ebook only and try to shop the other two books in the trilogy to a legacy press, or do I bite the bullet and go through the whole traditional route?

As usual, I’m leaning toward indie publishing.  And, as usual, I’m nervous so I’m asking everyone their opinions.   Like the quote, I smile, nod, and agree while I solidify my personal argumentsm trying to stave off the nervous angst in my stomach.  Why do I do this to myself?

Yesterday, on a long, leisurely afternoon with my love, I wrinkled up my eyes and confessed that I want a mentor — someone who’s done all this.  Someone who knows the ropes and can steer me in the right direction.  My love laughed, held my hand a little tighter, and replied, “OK.  Where are you going to find one? Are you sure one even exists?”

He continued, with his ever clear logic, to remind me that the publishing industry is changing so fast that there may not actually be anyone who truly knows what this business is right now.  It is not unlike what I do when I write or sculpt.  Each week there is a reinvention, a revolution, or a death/rebirth.  Take the merger between Penguin and Random House for example…..

So, as ever, I will forge ahead making the best decisions I can.  I will continue to be terrified I am making a mistake.  I will learn as I go, correct what I can, and offer up a prayer to whatever gods may be listening as I put together my design and editing team and go again into the dark.

How about you?