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Lost and Confused SignpostI sat down this morning to write a post for the blog. As of this moment, I’ve written several.  None of them are complete.  They’re all horrible.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve had absolutely no trouble working on Book 2 of my novel.  Those words flow easily.  I’m not worried about great meaning or deep insight.  I’m just telling a story (even if I’m making it up as I go along).  It is not unusual to do more than 5,000 words a day and still want the time to do more.

So why is it that I’m having such a hard time here?

It might be because I pressure myself to make this blog meaningful to those who are kind enough to read it.  I want to inspire, support, and encourage my followers to do the work that matters to them.  I want to connect like minded people so that a community might be created in which we get the support and encouragement we deserve.  In short, I suppose I want this blog to matter. Unfortunately, today I can’t seem to find anything worthwhile to say.  So, as an exercise in faith, I’m babbling in case you too stumble up against the walls of your own intentions on occassion.  And, rather than try to expound on the thoughts that are flitting about in my head, I’m just going to list them.  Let me know if any of them are things you think about too.

  • Form is supposed to follow function but what if, for people, function follows form?  What if what you choose to do and be determines the form of your life instead of vice versa?
  • For the first time in my life, when I look in the mirror I am not focused on my flaws.  In spite of a few extra pounds, a bunch of wrinkles, and new streaks of gray, I see someone beautiful.  Why did this take so long?
  • If it doesn’t snow soon, there’s going to be trouble.
  • Why, of all the possible places, did the woodpecker choose to bore into the wood trim on my house right outside my office window?  How do you get rid of a woodpecker?  (This one comes every day at exactly the same time.  It is always right when I am most engrossed in my writing).

That’s it.  Probably not a single thought worth sharing.  As it turns out, reading this through, I probably should have skipped the blog post and gone for chocolate.  What are you thinking about today?