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mt everest


What does this link have to do with my blog? Everything. Besides being cool, it is a wonderful look at how we perceive. On the surface, zoomed all the way out, the picture is of a mountain. Zooming in, we began to see detail. Looking further, we find people, the texture of snow, and particles of light.

I’ve been thinking a great deal about detail lately. In a new sculpture and in the twenty something edit of the new novel, what works at first glance breaks down under scrutiny. Yes, I know the devil is in the details, but sometimes — especially when I am tired or discouraged — I need the reminder.

This photograph, taken with a 4 billion pixel camera, is a wonderful reminder that what I see is seldom all that is there. In love, friendships, art, and life, taking the time to search beyond the surface reveals details rich, intricate, and inspiring.

Have fun with the photo. Don’t forget to use the zoom buttons, and let me know your thoughts. Do you tend to rush past, looking at the surface? Or do you dig deep for what is hidden beyond?