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Some mornings, I wake with little to say.  That may be a good thing. Instead of flowing and coherent, my thoughts flit about like the Golden Snitch in Harry Potter.  Fluttering wildly, they buzz past my inner eye and leave me hungry.  Unfortunately, I am easily distracted by simple things and having a hard time seizing them.

Fleeting thoughts

Jeff Goins is giving up coffee.  Hmmm.  Wish him luck and hats off to his noble cause.  Perhaps I should give up my evening whiskey.

Some people are like puppies.  They piss you off completely, but when enough time  elapses, they inch toward you, whining and wagging their tail, and you can’t stay mad — even though you know they are going to chew your couch again. Somehow, though pathetic, they are just too cute.

I should go for a walk and savor the burn of wind on my cheeks.  Aching for spring, I am a flower bulb, my office dark earth.  Soon, I will finish the final edits on the novel and shoot my green tendrils into the sun.

Yesterday, a blogger, Craig McBreen, made me smile.  In his heartfelt post, I experienced a kindred spirit.  His words shed some light through  my cluttered mind.  Being overwhelmed, discouraged, and frustrated is normal.

Nat Russo posted his satirical, bad writing tip on twitter this morning.  He said, “Write no more than one sentence per day. This isn’t a race.”  I laughed.  My response, “I don’t know Nat, it could be a Zen thing. Life, encapsulated, a seed. 🙂 Good morning.”

Still laughing.  Some days, I think one sentence may be enough.  Good morning, blog world.  Thanks for being you.  Ok, 2 sentences.

What’s your sentence for the day?  Share with us in the comments section below.  If you’re not following the conversation, click the follow button to the right of this page.  Talk to  you soon.