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Before beginning down this path, I think it only fair I post a disclaimer to readers and authors.  I do not have a degree in literature or related field.  My qualification is my passion for books.  I read everything.  As I child, I literally ate the pages I devoured.  My goal with reviews is to help writers as others have helped help me.  We need each other and honesty.  Without it, none of us will grow.

desconstructing InfatuationDeconstructing Infatuation

 By Merce Cardus 


Synopsis:  When her roommate leaves for a month, Helen sublets her bedroom to a handsome stranger.  Tiziano Conti is insolent, passionate, and mysterious.  Irritated by his lack of respect, Helen wrestles with how to handle him.  In the process, she loses her usual control and succumbs to infatuation, putting her job, relationship, and emotional stability at risk.  Using Dante’s Divine Comedy as a metaphor for her own experience, Helen has to plumb the depths of hell to discover herself, beauty, and truth.

Review:                                                                                 Rating: 3 stars

Deconstructing Infatuation is an intelligent examination of how infatuation propels us out of our comfort zones and into vulnerability.  In that moment, we are forced to face truths we had shirked and allow alternative life constructs to appear.

The author’s voice is educated and thoughtful.  Her characters are interesting and her exploration of idea sophisticated. At times, however, the idea is difficult to discern.  Though the story is compelling, the writing is often flawed.  I found it challenging to follow idea and plot consistently.

Excess dialog and poor character development at the book’s onset deterred my ability to engage.  As the book unfolded, I became engrossed.  Cardus’ writing requires polish, but I think she has some good things to say. I would encourage her to develop her writing skills and look forward to future works.

For more information about Merce Cardus, visit her blog at http://www.mercecardus.blogspot.com


** I received this book in exchange for an honest review and was in no way compensated for my effort.