Today I hit the studio, pounded some metal, and cleared my mind. My back is punishing me for the indulgence, but it was good to get away, change perspectives, and be silent for awhile.

While working, I found myself thinking about how hard it sometimes is to stay dedicated. Being a creative is difficult. Committing to your passion is like jumping off a cliff in the dark. My parachute is this list.

Tips for getting through tough days:

1. Little things are worth noticing.

2. When in doubt, clean.

3. It’s okay to be nervous, unsure, or down right terrified.

4. Even if what you produce isn’t good, you learn something from it.

5. You are your own, worst critic.

6. If you didn’t doubt yourself, the work would never improve.

7. Embrace the process. It’s not about the result, it’s about the journey.

8. Until beaming technology actually exists, there are no shortcuts and at least some part of the journey will have bumpy roads.

9. Deep breaths help some.

10. So do kisses, hugs, and holding hands.

When things are hard, this list keeps me sane. Β I also have a daily mantra. “Thank you for your gifts, my hands are yours.” Β It helps — sometimes more than whiskey and chocolate. πŸ™‚

What do you do to get through the rough spots? Do you have a mantra that makes it easier when you are doubting? I would love to hear your thoughts.