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A lovely surprise and honor from a woman I greatly admire, Heidi Rettig. Click the link at the bottom of her post to read the full article. Her list is worth checking out.

“I wanted to follow up my post on the “best” books for business with a list of books that I’ve found helpful for those times of creative distress. You know what I’m talking about. Those “what’s it all about no one is reading this anyway I should have gone to school and got a real job like my sister-in-law said at Thanksgiving dinner…”  kind of moments.

I totally get it. This is hard. Like Daumier’s Hauler of a Boat hard. And making good, creative work only comes easily some of the time. Natural ability doesn’t sit you in front of a blank screen every day for a year and get a book published. Talent doesn’t put you on stage at Kirk Douglas. Not by itself, anyway. There is significantly more required of artists than simply showing up with a pocket full of vision and inspiration. And people who don’t make art don’t understand that. They often tell us so in painful ways. And then, of course, at other times we doubt ourselves.

This book list is for those moments. Doesn’t matter if you’re a writer, or a performer or a painter. You’ll find something for yourself here:” to read the rest of this post by Heidi Rettig, click here.