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Yesterday, the news about Boston shocked me. I spent a few hours watching live streaming until, finally, I willed myself to turn it off. The talking heads weren’t helping. They were hurting.

The tragedy hit close to home and, like most of us, the needless violence against innocents rocked me to my core. Watching the news, I cried.

Still, the news and social media exacerbated the tragedy by spreading rumors before they’d been confirmed as fact, unhealthy speculation, and premature or misdirected blame.

Kristen Lamb has a wonderful post this morning about the event and the dark side of twitter. It reminded me of all the ugly tweets that are filling my stream and how I’ve had to stay away because each one is another small explosion in my heart.

Anger is often an expression of fear and fear is evil. It twists us and brings out the darkness in our souls. The media feeds on it, but we don’t have to listen or participate. 

My prayer this morning is for the innocent victims in Boston and around the world.

In addition, my prayer is for this this nation — that we not launch into yet another period of hate, rage, and fear. I pray our grieving does not compromise our dignity, compassion, and humanity, but instead inspires us to look at what we can do today, tomorrow, and in the foreseeable future to mitigate the negative impulses our grief inspires.  I pray we hold judgment and blame until the facts are known. I pray we focus on what we have in common and not what tears us apart.

I pray that this time, fear doesn’t win.