I just got back from a weekend road trip and my brain isn’t working very well. I wanted to tell you another pay it forward story and why we just spent three days digging a playground out of a school, loading it in trucks, and driving it home, but everything I try to write comes out wrong.

After a pulling a 16 foot trailer for five hundred miles, my legs are wobbly and my mind is a blur. Still, I do blog posts on Tuesdays, so I’m writing.

Here are some thoughts the trip inspired.

  1. Things are seldom what they seem. Each experience is layered, onion-like, and the best parts are rarely on the surface. The only problem is that we often move too fast to appreciate what’s beneath.
  2. When stereotypes are shattered, people grow.
  3. Stepping out of your comfort zone to make someone happy pays off in ways you would never expect.
  4. The desert is achingly beautiful.
  5. Never drink three cups of coffee before getting on the road if your gas tank is full.
  6. Road trips are great for deep conversations and problem solving.
  7. You know a friend is true if she will sit in a restaurant for hours waiting for you to show up and is still smiling when you arrive.
  8. Do not set a time to meet when you’re on the road. Things happen even with the best laid plans.
  9. Never drink whiskey in a hot tub, even if it’s your birthday, after twelve hours in the sun.
  10. Holding hands with your love while driving puts book launches and deadlines in their proper perspective. 

Hope you all had a great weekend. If you did something special, let me know.