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I have been so fortunate to be part of the wonderful blogging community. I follow a lot of blogs and seldom find the time to comment because I tend to move at lightening speed. Today, I’m going to introduce you to some of my favorites.

Take some time and get to know these wonderful, caring, and amazing writers.

Ana Lewis Gonzales at http://womenontheverge.net

We are a global online community that empowers women of all nationalities, races, political affiliations, sexual preferences and aspirations.  Our mission is to serve our members in the most inclusive and supportive manner via our FREE online community.

Teri Polen at http://teripolen.com

Some of Teri’s favorite things in life are books (no romance), music (preferably alt/rock and absolutely no country), movies (rarely chick flicks), red wine (no merlot), and dark chocolate (please don’t add any fruit to what is already perfection).

Stephanie Stamm http://stephaniestammblog.wordpress.com/

Technical writer by day, creative writer by night & weekends, Stephanie is the author of A Gift of Wings, a YA fantasy and the first volume of the Light-Bringer Series.

Kira at http://wrestling-life.com

Wrestling Life blog is Kira’s journey on the twisted road through the dark addiction forest of “love, and sex, and men…oh my” desperately seeking the distant speck of hope’s silver light barely visible to her shadowed addict eyes.

Ionia Martin at http://readfulthingsblog.com

Ionia is a writer, a reader, a musician, a photographer and a mother. She is also a book reviewer/blogger and love to read books of many genres/styles and varieties. She loves discovering new voices in literature and spend almost every minute of her spare time with a book of one sort or another in front of her

Robyn Chausse at http://museiddity.com

Back in 2009, Robyn had an epiphany. She wanted—needed—to express my creative side. Now she’s created Museiddity — a place to play and celebrate our creative selves. She invites you to come along and explore living a fully creative life.

Jennifer Howard at http://www.jennifer-howard.net/

When not writing, Jennifer enjoys being a wife and mom, reading, cooking–especially the sweet stuff, and traveling.  She self-published a children’s book, entitled Lucy and the Land of Lost Socks in 2009.   The Healing Heart is her first true endeavor into the ‘adult’ world, and she hopes to pen many more novels in the future!

Wyndy Dee at http://wyndydee.wordpress.com

Happily Married to her husband for 24 years (25 years July 30), 3 kids and a grandson whom she totally adores. She was injured in an accident April 2011 and had back surgery including placing a new disk and screws in her lower back.  She has not been able to work since as  a Paramedic in the ER nor will she most likely ever be able to work in that field again. She was able to turn a hobby and love into an Awsum Career as an Editor with The Writer’s Coffee Shop and Leader of Team Awsum.

Marie Ann Bailey at http://1writeway.com

Marie Ann, “finally started to wake up to the fact that those things–career, working in an office, going to meetings, conferences–means little to me.  I’d rather be writing (ideally, in my jammies with a pot of hot tea for fuel).”

Sarah M. Craddit at http://sarahcradit.wordpress.com

Sarah is a writer. More specifically, she is the author of the House of Crimson and Clover series.

Like most writers, it’s hard for her to remember a time in her life when she didn’t write. She was always the kid with the vivid imagination and an answer for everything.

Sarah Solmonson at http://sarahsolmonson.com

Sarah Solmonson began her writing career crafting books in crayon and fondly considers “My Daddy’s Airplane” (1991) to be her first draft of her debut memoir, Taking Flight.

Charles Yallowitz at http://legendsofwindemere.com/

Charles is the author of the Legend of Windemere series. He says, “You see, my reason for writing these stories  is because I like seeing the expression of interest and enjoyment on the face of a person reading my story.  I love hearing that there was a character that they connected with or a scene that made them laugh or cry.”

I’ll introduce more in the coming days. Hope you take the time to check these people out and say hello. You’ll be glad you did.