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One of the hardest things about writing Pipe Dreams was building the world. I wanted it to be realistic and not so far in the future that it seemed pure fantasy. Originally, I referenced the Occupy movement, the 99%, and other current issues. That changed as my world evolved, but the rudiments are still there. In the end, I couldn’t help using a prologue because the back fill on the story could be a book by itself.  For those interested, here it is.

On the day the rebellion was finally quelled, Vanessa Kovalic emerged from her grandmother’s apartment and joined other survivors on the street. Tacked to every tree and taped to streetlights, storefronts, and abandoned cars was a flyer printed on a single sheet of white paper. It read:


Edenton, New York        Volume 1, Issue 1

Where there is no need, there is no greed

Citizens of Edenton, before we lost all communications, we learned rebels on the mainland released a bio-weapon. Known as the Blue Flu, the weapon is wreaking havoc and millions of our brethren are dying. Through God’s grace, we have been spared and may be the last hope for humanity.

We advise you to stay away from birds as they are potential carriers of the Blue Flu. We are under absolute quarantine. No one may come ashore or leave the island. Arrangements have been made to supply the city and keep it safe.

In response to the rebellion – staged by members of the People’s Protest – and the effects of the Blue Flu on the mainland, a new government has been formed. Under its guidance, we will implement a New Social Order. Together, we will eradicate greed and ensure equality. From the ashes, we will build a society free from strife.

All citizens are required to work. Managers will assign jobs based on prior experience. The managers are our drivers, for they will steer us where we need to go. Workers, united as equals regardless of race or gender, will be provided with food, clothing, and other necessities. Those who fail to report immediately, work, or comply with the new mandates will be cast out. The Fallen will not share our resources or benefit from our protection.

Finally, law enforcement departments have merged. They will be housed under one roof, known as the WatchTower. Watchers are establishing a safe zone so workers can perform their duties unmolested. Families and married couples may petition to relocate inside the Zone.

Join us in praying for our fellow man in these sad times. With God’s help and yours, we will overcome the challenges ahead. 

The Administration

Vanessa’s mouth fell open and she paled. Young, frightened, and unsure, she followed the crowd through silent streets toward the new sorting office. The staggered progression was like a funeral procession, only no one shed tears for the dead.

Now that the book is launched and people are starting to read it, I’m excited to talk about it in a real way. What did Occupy accomplish? How do we affect change in our world? Why does history keep repeating itself, in spite of our knowledge of it? Things to chew on. Let me know what you think. I love hearing from you.