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Artwork by Christine Corretti

Artwork by Christine Corretti

I love days when I get to share good news and cool people. This morning, I’m happy to announce this month’s winner of the pay it forward contest. For those of you new to the blog, I decided to give away 25% of Pipe Dreams sales to help other authors and artists achieve their dreams.

28 people helped launch Pipe Dreams and paid it forward by regularly promoting the book on their own blogs, Twitter and Facebook accounts. I am so honored and awed by their efforts. I wish everyone could win, but because they can’t I’m going to keep doing this for awhile. Everyone who has already helped is entered in the next drawing (and if you help again, you’ll be entered twice). If you haven’t helped and want to pay it forward, you can promote Pipe Dreams on your social media outlets. Just make sure you let me know what you’re doing so I can enter you in the next drawing.

Now, without further ado, this month’s winner is Robyn Chausse. Robyn is a beautiful soul and her new venture, Museiddity, embraces the heart of the creative community. She also has a personal blog, A Ponderance of Things. Check her out and say congrats! 

Now, I’m thrilled to introduce another creative dynamo.

Christine Corretti, Ph.D. is an art historian, artist and the author of A Father’s Wish: the Tale of King Big Bear the Fat and Pinterest for Business: a Complete, Updated Guide for Ultimate Success (June, 2103). She’s participating in the Amazing Women Authors and Artists series and her answers to the interview questions are below.

From where do you draw inspiration?

I always loved to draw, especially with black ink and colored pencils.  I’m always inspired by the worlds of high fashion and jewelry design; nature – especially animals and flowers; and European art and architecture.  Having written a children’s book, I’ve also become interested in fairy tale art, such as the illustrations of Dulac and Rackham.

What is the hardest thing about your creative process?

The hardest thing about creating art is photographing my work.  Even though I shoot in natural light, the picture always changes a bit once it becomes a jpeg.

Do you work every day, or only when inspiration/opportunity strike?

I work every day on multiple creative projects.  There aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want.

How do you feel about the current art market/art climate?

The current art market is easier to maneuver now that most art collectors and galleries shop for art online.  The same goes for the writing world.  So I feel blessed that I can connect with a wide audience so quickly and easily.  I’m particularly active promoting my art on Pinterest, given the visual nature of this awesome site.  The reason why I wrote a book about Pinterest is that I discovered and concocted a myriad of new, effective ways to increase one’s exposure, following, and sales there.

Talk a little bit about your current project and why you decide to embark on it.

Right now I’m at work on two major projects: a book about how bloggers and authors can benefit from Pinterest and a large collection of drawings of fancy home interiors.  The latter project is the result of all the nice interior decorations I see on Pinterest!

How does being a woman impact your work?

I think women love beautiful things more than men do.  My tastes/shopping interests are inseparable from my artistic interests.

If you had the opportunity to address a group of young girls, what would you say to inspire them?

If I had to talk to little girls I would say that they all have a talent, even if they don’t know it yet. And with time and study those talents will develop into something great.

To find out more about Christine, visit: http://www.chroniclesofkingbigbear.com/ and http://christine-corretti.artistwebsites.com