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You jump in, excitement surging through your veins, your pulse throbbing, your mind humming with that spectacular, creative buzz.

A form comes together, takes a distinct shape, and you are in love.

For some, the enthusiasm lasts a week. For others, a month. Maybe you’re lucky and can sustain it longer. Ultimately, though, it fades and the thing that had you giddy has you slamming your fist or walking away.

This is normal. So is the terror that comes when you realize your darling isn’t as gorgeous as you thought. If you don’t panic, you’ll come through it and be stronger for it.

I call this moment the first stage of revulsion. It’s when doubt creeps up the back of your neck and fear fills your heart. If you dive into what you don’t like, you’ll likely mess up all the parts you do. Your hands hesitate and your mind makes up excuses until the work is a dusty thing on a shelf.

Don’t be afraid. Look to the right, to the left, up and down — anywhere but where you think the problem is. Chances are you’ll find what’s bothering you. Then go for it. Cut, slash, revise, paint over. Be bold. The work will start moving again and so will you.