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Bitterroot_new_subtitleI’m so psyched to announce that Bitterroot has been released and is now available on Amazon! It will be available on all platforms by the end of the month (just a little crazy busy right now). I hope you check it out and take the time to leave a review.

Here’s the description:

Edenton is a waste of rubble and ash, Vanessa has a secret, and the designers are still at large. Until they’re dead, she’ll never be free. In this exciting sequel to Pipe Dreams, Vanessa lays claim to her legacy and teams with McGrath to take them down, but the betrayal runs deeper than she thinks. Lewis also escaped the island and the Priscilla virus is almost ready for release. As the pieces come together, Vanessa must decide what’s more important — vengeance or family.

Praise for Pipe Dreams

“Allison’s voice has been described as poetic or lyrical. Perhaps it is the artist in her that allows “heart” to shine through her writing.” — Museiddity.com

“Allison keeps up the pace with plenty of plot twists and engaging dialog, but it’s her writing style that makes this book a gem” — Amazon customer review

“Creepy, honest, and sometimes even bone-chilling, Pipe Dreams is a taste of reality that you won’t be able to put down.” — Amazon customer review

“With a steady pace and strong characters I found Pipe Dreams a gripping and emotionally engaging read.” — Amazon customer review(less)