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If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time on social media. My Facebook feed is filled with cute animals, people dancing, politics, and propaganda. It is also filled with outrage, pain, and bewilderment.

We’re all hurting. Every day, we’re inflicted with tiny cuts so small we don’t notice them. But, in spite of their seeming insignificance, we bleed.

rolling stoneYesterday, this image offended me. So did Sinead O’Connor’s word choice in her impassioned response to The Rolling Stone. Neither helped the world.

A few days ago, I saw a cartoon of Hillary Clinton in a bucket. The caption read, “Two fat thighs, two small breasts, and a whole lot of left wings.” The image hurt. Every woman, hell every person, deserves more respect.

I’m tired of the vitriol, of the hateful comment streams, of the sting of a thousand, tiny cuts.

So I have an idea. From now on, when someone says something particularly nasty, I’m going to reply with #Sorryyourehurting. When someone posts an offensive meme and/or a nasty comment, I’m going to say #ThisDoesntHelptheWorld.

Maybe, just maybe, if I engage gently I might make some small change.

What do you think? Will you join me?