Valentine’s Day isn’t really my thing.

I’d rather a dandelion in a meadow than a dozen roses in a vase.
Give me the sweetness of a kiss or touch that doesn’t demand.
Ask me about my day without a phone in your hand.

Walk with me to the top of the hill and listen to the wind.
Romp with the dog and flash me a grin.

In the morning, don’t jump so quickly from our bed.
Linger awhile.

The world can wait, love. It can.

Stop for a moment.
Dance with me.

Those songs, our songs, smooth the wrinkles and lines.
They light your eyes.
They make me sing inside.

Don’t give me a holiday or sliver of night,
buy me a card, or wait for candlelight.

I’ll take the minutes snatched from our lives.
Like conspiring thieves, let’s steal more time.