Welcome to my world.

I’m an artist, businesswoman, author, and community builder. I like to break the rules.

You can see my art here.

You can find out more about my books here.

I’m a managing partner of La Tienda at Eldorado (a small shopping/community center) and own Utopia (a boutique).

I’m also a motivational speaker.

I believe our lives are our greatest works of art and that we have to be who and what we are, not who and what we’re supposed to be. I’m also convinced that you can only control what you give. These themes are reflected in my books, sculptures, business endeavors, and talks.

I live in Santa Fe, NM with my husband and dog, alternately missing and celebrating my three grown sons.

My blog is about my journey, passions, and books.  It is about others living their passions, whether they are professional or not, and it is about the things that shape our destinies, individual and collectively.  Thanks for visiting.  please take the time to follow the blog (click on the link on the right) and contribute your voice.




8 thoughts on “About”

  1. I received a note from a common friend in Ted Orland (no name dropping intended) that your book was out. I have downloaded it and begun the first chapter. As the brother of a published author, I vaguely know the challenges of writing. As an artist and teacher, I know full well the challenges of being an artist. I look forward to the read (your “teaching to chapter 1 is something I have been teaching for all my time in the classroom and will be sharing it with them again tomorrow) and I also look at sharing the book (and hopefully getting a few of the advanced kids to purchase a copy) with my students. All of your hard work was worth it! All the best as you continue your journey in the world of a published author / artist. Frank Korb

    • Hi Frank,

      Thanks for the lovely note. Ted is a sweetheart and I so appreciate his support. I also greatly appreciate your trust in him and hope that my book does not disappoint. I look forward to hearing from you after you finish it! I would also love to know what kind of work you do and where I might see it. All the best,


      • I am a portrait artist (although, my interest back into abstraction has had my hands at work as of late) in Southeastern Wisconsin. http://www.frankkorb.com. I am an art teacher at a public high school (BEST JOB IN THE WORLD – even though it is one of the more unstable as budgets get cut across the country – I am in a great and supportive district though). I will definitely let you know my thoughts as I read through your book. I am always interested in the personal journeys of people though the thing called life, and when that journey involves art… all the better. I was fortunate to meet Ted via the internet as I had read though Art and Fear and wanted to use it in my classroom. I have been using it for a number of years now and, I may have found another book to introduce to the kids. As I said… I will keep up with you as I read through “Shaping Destiny.” – Frank

      • Hi frank,

        Nice work. I like your sketches very much. Thanks for quoting me on your site today. I love that you love your job. That is so rare! And I empathize with your position as as teacher. We run a program in Santa Fe that uses recycled ink cartridges to buy supplies for teachers so they are not out of pocket themselves. We’re raising about $4,000 a year right now. Its not huge, but it helps. I think it is awesome that you have a supportive district and that you have what appears to be a viable and healthy art program. All the best — Destiny

  2. Just stopped by to let you know I’ve nominated you for some (no pressure of course) awards 🙂

  3. Tom Crepeau said:

    I just read your launch announcement and interview on Women on Writing (WOW) at http://muffin.wow-womenonwriting.com/2013/07/author-destiny-allison-launches-novel.html . In your blog post on their page, you mention a blog post by a man you follow on Twitter who taught you “which words to search for and omit in the editing process”. Do you have a link to that blog post, or to somewhere where I can learn this from him? Thanks in advance. -tc

  4. Goodness, I can’t believe I’ve been remiss in thanking you for following What The Hell! So…thank you!

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