Most of us feel out of control much of the time. In business, creative expression, and our personal lives, we seek to make sense of a chaotic and confusing world. Often, we fail and then we blame ourselves. This causes loss of ambition, productivity, and self-loathing which create a downward spiral and hopelessness.

Over three decades, I’ve learned that we can only control what we give. (To see a speech on this topic, click here). While we stay fixated on what we’d like to get — that next promotion or raise, better sales, roses on the table — we give up our power and quality of life. When, however, we focus on what we can give we empower ourselves and others in profound ways that affect every aspect of our lives. This theme runs through all my talks, books, and business endeavors. It has served me well.

I was named Santa Fe Businesswoman of the Year in 2011. In 2013, my first book took first place in non-fiction/memoir in a national competition. My store, Utopia, ended it’s first year in the black (a feat for any retail business) and has been profitable since. The shopping center I co-own and manage has become the center of the community and is widely loved. How many shopping centers have a weekly e-newsletter that gets a 50% open rate? Mine does.

I’m on a mission to share what I’ve learned and help people live fuller, more authentic, and rewarding lives.

My speaking topics include:

  • Finding Your Voice
  • Living an Authentic Life
  • Developing and Maintaining Creativity at Work and Home
  • The Business of Art
  • Business as Art
  • Staying relevant to your customers
  • Gender Roles, Body Image, and the Wars We Wage on Ourselves

Here are some interviews where you can get a sense of me and my speaking style. Check them out and let me know if I can help your organization, or the people, in it thrive.

Giving Voice to Your Story


KSFR Interview with Lynn Cline